Cthulhu rise

New piece by Beaver was uploaded to our MUSIC page.
Official web site of Cthulhu Rise is fully operational, including downloads area for music, lyrics and tablatures.
Cthulhu Rise has a debut show at small Metal Time festival near Kyiv.
First demo recordings are uploaded to MySpace. idn live
The band’s birthday! This day was the first rehearsal with all band 5 members.

The band started forming in the beginning of 2007, but the first rehearsal with all five members was held on 22/09/2007, which is now considered the band’s birthday. slot gacor

Cthulhu Rise is “a new band made of old musicians”. Based on their quite long and diverse musical background, Cthulhu Rise are experimenting in some metallic alloy of progressive rock, alternative, thrash/death/black metal, metalcore and mathcore. The band members use to joke that their musical pieces are “attempts to create music for both sides of your brain”, which means that one can perceive the music analytically (with left cerebral hemisphere) or sensually (with the right one). oxplay

Currently Cthulhu Rise is working on their debut album.

Konstantin “Kurt” Yerasov (vocals)
Ivan “S_D” Serdyuk (guitar)
Stanislav “Beaver” Bobritsky (keyboards)
Yury “Brutal” Demirskiy (bass)
Andy “Gone” Prischenko (drums) slot88